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06.30 E&M 45 mins. Yesterday I chatted with Dev about food. It would seem that, beyond our enjoyment of food and its necessity for survival, eating food is a way of trying to replace one feeling with another. I may feel down or bored or angry, so I eat to comfort myself or to try and satisfy myself in some way. The problem is that the original feeling does not go away, and neither is it addressed nor dealt with. Instead I just carry on eating. This made a great deal of sense to me, and encouraged me to eat appropriately. My feeling of hunger may just be my mind’s way of trying to get me to avoid dealing with an important issue. Watch out for this.

When I woke up, dad had left a message thanking me for visiting him yesterday. I felt this was another sign of the progress I am making and the effect it is having on those around me.  Normally I would not have expected dad to have left such a message:

‘…just wanted to say thank you for your visit yesterday.  It really cheered me up, made me feel good.  Thanks again.  Speak to you soon…

18.30 E&M 80 mins. After exercising I had my tea. Having read the story of the prisoners of war eating poisonous berries as an act of suicide (‘The Biogenic Diet‘ by Leslie Kenton), I have started to chew much more deliberately. Six prisoners decided to kill themselves rather than continue to suffer the agony of torture and the pain of disease. Two of them, with nothing else to do but await death, decided to have a competition with each other to see who could chew the poisonous berries the longest without swallowing. The following morning the other four were dead, yet the two who had chewed were not only still alive, they felt a little better. The saliva from all the chewing not only nullified the poison, it also helped to extract all the available goodness from the berries.

After exercising and eating properly I felt a whole lot better – much less tired and mentally very good.

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  1. How one eats food is also indicative of how one goes through life. I find I eat too quickly as if trying to get on to the next task. As a result I do not fully enjoy the flavours of the food, nor the aspects of the task. I have to wonder why the rush? Even now after 60+ years of doing this (rushing), I am still learning the importance of taking time over everything. Maybe this is the lesson I am learning from life. Now to put it in to practice on a more regular basis.
    Thanks for the reminder that your blog brings.

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