Allowing Things to Evolve

06.15 E&M 80 mins. What a wonderful start to the day. I woke up not knowing where I was and then looked out of the large windows of our room to the sea. The morning sun was rising in a blue sky and through the open door to the balcony I could hear the waves breaking on the beach. I really enjoyed my exercises and the meditation was also good.

A very enjoyable breakfast with Karaj and Robert was followed by great, tearful laughter with Robert as we looked through his book of genuine, yet curiously funny signs. It was a lovely moment because neither of us could control our laughter and in that completely relaxed and joyous state, we connected.

The three of us drove to the nearby cliffs and spent two or three hours walking along the cliff edge, overlooking the sea. It was a breathtaking view and the time we spent together had the usual flow to it which I have come to associate with a gathering of men. We walked and mingled with each other. We spent time together and time apart, time in conversation and time in silence. I talked to Robert about his university days, and Robert talked to Karaj about the book we are working on. As it turned out, Robert’s interest in the project and his questions to Karaj were to be the inspiration for the entire weekend. During our time on the cliffs, in the most relaxed and contented way possible, we had begun to work.

Already, I had experienced more fun than I had expected. I had considered the time in Eastbourne would be hard work and difficult with little or no time to actually relax. All the difficulties leading up to our arrival here seemed to confirm to me that the weekend would be more of a battle than a pleasure. Karaj says that he works by allowing things to evolve and that was just what was happening. None of us had known for sure how things would work out but already, they were coming together.

During dinner Karaj and Robert built further on their book conversations from this morning’s walk. Just as we finished, Calvin arrived. As he ate, the three of us went for another walk. We returned, and for the rest of the evening Calvin and I stood on the balcony watching the world go about its business while Robert and Karaj worked hard and wrote the entire introduction to the book.

For me, it felt good to take a back seat and allow someone else to work with Karaj. I checked myself to see whether I felt animosity towards Robert for stealing in on my work, but I didn’t. Not only did it mean that another person was on board the project but it also freed my time to be able to enjoy myself. As Karaj pointed out to me, it gave me the opportunity to celebrate all the hard work I have put in over the last year or so.

Throughout the day there were learning points for me:

  • slow down
  • make things my dreams
  • own what I do
  • communicate my feelings and do so quicker

Today has been proof, if I needed it, of how everything should work. The creativity of men when they get together is immense and the whole day has flowed beautifully. We have worked very well indeed and very effectively, and all with little or no effort at all.

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