Thorough Ways of Working

6.00 E&M 65 mins. My general mood has dipped today. There’s no particular reason and it isn’t really bothering me. I have a lot of work to do and some of the dip is to do with that because I find myself at the beginning of a period of adjustment as I come to terms with my new responsibilities, the increase in my workload and the adoption of Karaj’s methods of recording my activities. These may seem very time-consuming, because they involve listing everything I do, but I understand and appreciate the value of such methods and in many ways I am glad of the opportunity to be exposed to such thorough ways of working.

We lunched together and Arun was also present. My attitude towards her has shifted in the last couple of weeks. I am no longer concerned with her analysis of my behaviour and I no longer find myself trying to please her. This feels like a further indication of how I am growing up. It leaves me feeling very comfortable with who I am.

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