Deep Concern & Worry

6.00 E&M 60 mins. Despite an early night last night I felt tired this morning and as a result the exercises were difficult. I lacked any real motivation. I am eating too much again. My tiredness of the last two days is definitely connected to over-consumption. I still have nerve pain in my lower back on the left. It is not causing too much discomfort – more of an annoyance than a pain – but it registers itself every now and again.

I had a very good and productive day today. I worked hard from start to finish on my appraisal, my personal code of practice and the office duties. I did not overeat, neither at the house nor at home, and I did some good exercises and stretches in the evening. However, as I came to go to bed my back went into spasm and I felt a nerve pain all around my lower back. Fortunately, I was okay sitting, standing, and walking – the pain only registered when the back muscles had to do more than that i.e. bending (even slightly) or twisting – so I went straight to bed with the wish that things would be better in the morning.

My dream reflected my deep concern and worry. In the dream I was very emotional and sad that my back had gone again – I cried because I did not want to go through all that pain again. Sunil was in it and was keen to help me but I insisted that first and foremost I needed to relax.

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