Changing the Emphasis

During my walk this morning I gave further consideration to a couple of stories from when I was very young – just a few years old. One story, which is forever being told, is the ‘I spy’ anecdote. I had kept everybody in suspense with ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with W’. After everyone had exhausted all the Ws in the room, I was persuaded to whisper the answer to my dad. ‘W for wecord’. A funny and endearing tale, but its impact on me has been somewhat different. It helped to carve out my role in the world – sweet but inept – an inaccurate role I have played out for years and years until Karaj gave me the confidence to see and realise my abilities.

I also had a lisp (I was unable to pronounce the letter ‘s’). My mum and brother used to entertain themselves by asking me how many gold medals a particular athlete had won at the Munich Olympics: the swimmer, Mark Spitz, won seven gold medals. Again, an endearing trait maybe, but one which caused some discomfort for me; a fact highlighted by the speed with which I learnt to speak properly. I did it in three days. This is what should be emphasised – the ability to learn so fast once shown how. It is that element of my character which has underpinned my progress over the last 18 months.

[I mentioned the lisp story to my mum after posting this entry. She told me I had been fond of Mark Spitz for his ability and determination. Another shift in the emphasis.]

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