Glad I Went Along

I felt very tired this morning but when I met Sunil at 8 am my tiredness disappeared. I enjoyed every minute of our time together and, once again, everything flowed smoothly and easily. We took the train and had breakfast together when we arrived. We enjoyed a gentle walk to his appointment with the housing officer and we chatted as we went. I felt wide awake and alive. When he had asked me to accompany him to the appointment my initial reaction had been ‘No’, as it always is, yet I went along, and I am very glad I did.

The woman was very pleasant and the maisonette was all that Sunil was looking for and more. Sunil tried to give me the money for my train ticket but I naturally refused. My initial reluctance to accompany him had had nothing to do with money – it was simply how I react to suggestions. We talked about it, Sunil thought it through and realised that offering the money was devaluing not only my contribution to our morning but his too. This was the same as the feedback he gave me on Friday of my appraisal from last week, in which he said that the line, ‘It was a lovely gesture’, with regard to the presentation of my bound appraisals, devalued myself, Karaj and Arun.

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