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A Welcoming Ceremony

Another early-morning walk in the park, during which I experienced more of the feelings of freedom I have been having recently. The feelings are accompanied by memories of times from my past when I have also felt free: college, Germany, hitch-hiking. Sunil asked me later in the day what I feel free from? I am freeing myself from the things which don’t work. In doing that I’m taking control of my life. It’s liberating.

We all (Karaj, Sunil, Arun and me) met at the house in the afternoon to travel to Sunil’s new flat and carry out a simple yet earnest welcoming ceremony. In doing so we are supporting Sunil at a difficult time for him. We are ensuring that this new phase of his life begins in the best way possible. I enjoyed being a part of it – it is a beautiful way to welcome someone into their new home – although I was quite withdrawn throughout.

In the evening Sunil and I chatted. I talked appreciatively about the present state of my life and reminisced favourably about the life I have had up until now.

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