Take Time to Enjoy the Progress

6.45 E&M 40 mins. The exercises were difficult at first and once again I was sorely tempted to go back to bed. I felt sciatic pain in both legs (more in the right) which was uncomfortable but not debilitating.

Up until now I have learnt a great many lessons in my work with Karaj. Unfortunately I have tended to write them up and forget about them. In my eagerness to move on and learn more I have not taken the time to integrate those lessons fully into my life. This is a criticism which I level at society – we are in too much of a hurry to make progress that we never take the time to enjoy the progress we have already made. I have decided to concentrate my efforts on two major aspects of my process:

  • Self-parenting
  • Slowing down
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  1. It is not easy to slow down, but there are times when something forces us to do so. As long as we are aware, we can benefit from it. There is no point in struggling against such times, it will only prolong the healing process. Another good reminder. Thanks.

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