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Giving Too Much

Arrived at the house to find Karaj in a bit of a chaotic state. He seemed pretty manic in his behaviour. We went for breakfast together and he gradually calmed down. We had planned to do some hard work today but ended up resting for most of it. Sunil came over in the evening. He and Karaj got into a discussion about patching clients up in emergencies. Sunil did not agree with this terminology as he does not ‘patch’ people up.

By this time my ‘hurry up’ driver was registering itself and I was becoming anxious that we should get on with things so that I could go home to bed. I was tired. However, I recalled Karaj’s words that arguments are the most important events when they occur because they signify something important. I decided that something needed to come out of this and I became curious to find out what it was.

As it turned out the major learning point is that Sunil gives too much to his patients. Many of them want nothing more than to be patched up, and in giving them too much Sunil is not helping them. For instance, should a patient be cured too quickly, the likelihood is that they will become cocky and quickly become ill again because they have no idea why they were ill in the first place.

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