Solid Foundations

07.10 E&M 25 mins. Just as painful as yesterday but I know from experience that in time everything will improve if I continue to exercise and don’t rush things. I feel much lighter today; free of the burdens I carried yesterday. Karaj keeps telling me to have fun and today feels like a fun day.

During our chat this morning, Karaj said that he can feel, he can see and he knows that we are on the edge of something big. We will continue to struggle for another few months but we are now at the stage where we have solid foundations upon which we can build the next level, and with those solidly in place we will be able to build some very impressive structures.

[Karaj: We need to keep reminding ourselves of the foundations with each new brick we lay.]

Karaj tells me that the shock waves from the Sicily trip are still reverberating through people’s scripts and negativity is surfacing as a result. [Three weeks later, this happened.] This is challenging Karaj as the trainer to work through his own negativity and create his own pure space. I am in a privileged position because I am able to see the effects it is having on him. As usual, he maintains his very high working standard, and he remains sharp and focused despite all that is happening around him.

[Karaj: That is what you have to learn.]

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