It’s What You Say, Not How You Say It

In the evening I talked with Karaj, bringing my weekend to an excellent close. I have realised that feedback of the kind that was given to Karaj yesterday is all about what I say not how I say it. It’s the passion which has to come across rather than any of the ineffective emotions which I get entangled in – sadness, euphoria etc. When I successfully achieve such feedback, my Parent is the one communicating, taking care of things, allowing my Child to play. He also told me that with the work I have to do, I should include people, not exclude them. I also heard Karaj when he was talking to Robert about the fact that ‘How’ is very irritating, and that he had made it all the way to the top because he never asked ‘How?’. When given work to do he just got on with it and got it done.

It is up to me to create my own opportunities and when relating to people I need to be straight with them. Karaj told me also that I need to be more alive facially, less serious, because people try to rescue me when I look glum. He finished by telling me that my cockiness comes from my negativity, not from my positivity. I found this very helpful because I have been confused by the difference between being positive and getting cocky. They seem so close together to that I would risk getting cocky by being positive. In the light of this information things make a lot more sense. I am better off all round by being positive because my cocky behaviour stems from negativity.

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