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The Negativity Is Coming Up

07.15 E&M 30 mins. Karaj told me this morning that such is the negativity which is coming up, we will have a difficult time for the next six months and my life for the next 12-16 months will be very challenging. He also told me that Francis’s visit has been very illuminating for him with regard to me, my life and my script. (See tomorrow for more details.)

Spent the morning updating my appraisal and the afternoon digging the garden – 70 buckets (662). The digging was very hard work because of the pain my back is causing me. It is a constant pain and leaves me drained of energy. It makes it difficult to get up in the morning, my exercise routine is arduous, and every step of my walk to the house is painful. Karaj tells me that there is a great deal of negativity around at the moment and we must deal with it – hence the digging. I feel down about the pain I am in, but somehow I feel positive about all that is happening. I just need some sleep.

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