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Standing Up Again

Stood up today for the first time in five days. I felt a little dizzy and unsteady on my feet. In the late afternoon/early evening I started to feel new sensations in my legs, as if the nerves in the numb areas were starting to fire again. The doctor was called and he confirmed that I could well be getting the feeling back in my legs.

Kuldip and Calvin visited. Kuldip brought me a claim form for sickness benefit. He asked me to consider why he of all people was the one to bring the form to me. After he left I gave it some thought but could not come up with anything of any significance for myself. For Kuldip, however, considering his experiences with his father, this is a chance for him to see the other side of visiting someone in hospital. He had watched his father die, but in this case he will be the one who escorts me out of the hospital in two days time and he will witness my full recovery.

[Karaj: Make sure your recovery is planned.]

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