Stay Focused & Invite Confrontation

Made my way to the house and had a talk with Karaj. There has been no improvement in my physical health since coming out of hospital. Karaj advised me to consider my recovery more long-term. Allow myself six months to become fully functional, and take it easy during that time. This will ease the pressure I am putting on myself.

I talked about another aspect of my self-inflicted pressure: my doubts about my abilities. He said that I have him to judge my abilities, and any self-doubt I may have is a form of arrogance because it means that I am doubting Karaj’s ability to judge my skills and inform me of any shortfalls I have.

He once again stressed the importance of staying focused on my goals and visions. He added that I should invite confrontation. He used Robert and George as examples of people who have been confronted of late and have grown as a result.

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