Challenge, Support & Create Relationships

I woke up in Child ego state, but I talked to myself and told myself that everything is okay and that today will be a good day. My mood lifted instantly. When the men arrived – Sunil, Robert and Dev – I welcomed them. Dev was subdued and once Sunil and I had begun to challenge him about it we did not let go until we had got to the bottom of it. It turned out that his fear was about receiving feedback. Sunil and I did not rescue him either. We kept on at him until he realised for himself what he was doing. We referred to last night’s group during which Dev had been somewhat reprimanded. He had not seen it that way, so we asked him where his problem lay with receiving feedback. He had cornered himself and was left with no other option than to relax.

Robert showed us the portfolio he has put together for his fund-raising work before driving off to an appointment. We were all very moved by it. Robert has the compassionate and loving personality which provides the foundation for his work, and his portfolio was simply an extension of that. When Robert returned I welcomed him back into the house and talked to him about his visit. This allowed him to off-load his experience, relax and assimilate himself back into the house – something he was most thankful for. We were all preparing to do some work in the garden and I had to tell Robert to slow down eating his late lunch. He appreciated that too.

In the garden I worked with Sunil. It was lovely to renew our working relationship because we work so well together. We worked calmly and effectively, listening to what the other had to say and implementing the best methods without any fuss or argument. It was much the same with Karaj, Robert and Dev and when we sat together afterwards the talk was all about creating relationships. In working together we had created relationships with each other – and that was the reason why things flowed so smoothly and were so comfortable. Karaj’s only goal with the work was to shift a whole load of materials away from the fence but to make sure that the garden was fully operational for the men tomorrow. Again, it is all about relationships.

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