Being Shown

Talked to Karaj. He told me that the translation idea which George and I raised should be more of a background development because I am destined for greater things, one of which is to shadow Karaj in his work so that I learn as much as possible.

He gave me a copy of George’s latest appraisal to read, saying that he is messing about. I could not see it until we sat together and worked through it. I saw it as a simple recording of events, and did not look further into how George had allowed the story of his operation to unfold without ever influencing it with his own planning, prediction and thinking. Having discussed it I could then see how George had, in his thoughts, reached the worst-case conclusion that he could lose his job.

He does not see that he is a senior member of staff with 23 years of experience and a highly-regarded teacher who works hard for the best of his pupils. If he thought as much of himself as he does of his students then he would not feel guilty about having time off. Furthermore, had he planned his stay in hospital and recovery as well as he plans his lessons he would not have had any worries (about losing his job).

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