Quietness & Balance

I awoke with a splitting headache. I felt tired and run-down. However, I still managed to help Karaj put together the documents and the newsletters for this week’s course.

I talked to Karaj about my headache and he explained that with my quietness and balance I am moving away from the emotional thinking, which has always dominated my life, towards real thinking. It is this adjustment to a thinking I am not used to which is causing the head pain. In addition, it is my mind trying to force me back to my former, emotional state.

At home I thought through this new state of mind and realised that my past has been littered with attachment. I attach meaning to things in order to manufacture the highs and lows which make my life exciting. In truth, balance is boring and quietness is not exciting and, as I have discovered over the last few days, balance and quietness make me more aware, more present and more effective. They make me a better person and one with whom I am more comfortable.

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