Seeing Myself In Another

Physiotherapy went well. I now have enough exercises to make a short routine, which helps the motivation. At the house Karaj and Kuldip were busy finishing off the pond. Karaj asked me to supervise the final tasks. It felt good to be involved and I learnt something about myself from the way Kuldip behaved. I gave him instructions to do something so that we could secure a loose panel (with a broom). He did not understand my instructions because he did not know what I wanted to achieve.

It was obvious to us all that the panel was loose but Kuldip’s lack of engagement with his surroundings meant that he had not even considered what could be done about it. In such a situation, he relies totally on receiving instructions. Without engagement their is no thinking, without thinking there is no initiative, and without initiative it is difficult to be effective. I realised that I, too, am guilty of disengaging and relying purely on instructions from others. With Kuldip I realised how frustrating that is for those around me.

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