Forging Relationships

After a supervision session during which Karaj told me that I should take a learning point for myself from every one of his challenges to Kuldip – anything else is being cocky – we set to work on finishing the conservatory. It was 3pm. We would not finish until midnight.

I worked first with Sunil and then with Karaj. By that time Dev and Robert had arrived and together we all worked as harmoniously and cohesively as ever. In a confined area we knew what we had to do and we knew what each other was doing too. We were aware of each others needs and tools were exchanged and passed on with an almost telepathic attention.

It was a magical evening as all the hard work of the week finally took shape in the form of a solid and impressive structure. At one point, as we rested before putting the roof on, I reflected that should I ever have the urge again to turn my back on all I have here and walk away, this project will not allow me. We have achieved so much together and the manner of our accomplishment means that I simply cannot leave. I stood and admired our work. It is solid, precise and lovingly built – a metaphor for the relationships we are forging with one another.

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