I Have Matured

Drove in with Dev and Kuldip and spent much of the morning working on my appraisals – so much is happening here every day that it can be a full time job recording it all. The quiet time we have promised ourselves is just around the corner and will be a welcome opportunity to reflect on all that has happened and consolidate for the next year, which Karaj promises us will be more challenging than this one.

I went on a couple of road trips with Karaj to get roofing felt and down pipe as we made a start on the roof of the corridor between the fence and the house/conservatory. We have not had chance to talk much with each other over recent weeks and I appreciated the chance to chat and get away from the organised melee in the garden. My relationship with Karaj has matured since I began my work with him almost two years ago. I have matured.

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