A Disciplined Life

Exercise class at the hospital went well and on the bus journey back my thoughts turned to the subject of discipline. Last year there were times when I led a very disciplined life and there were times when that discipline lapsed. Last year was an improvement on the year before and this year will be better still. It is an ongoing thing. It is not just a case of being disciplined in the morning or twice a week or for six months a year – discipline should be with me, in some form or another, all the time.

Men’s Group. We all reviewed our respective Christmas and new year celebrations – all but Kuldip enjoyed themselves. We also discussed our individual goals for the coming year. Karaj intervened on a few occasions because he wanted to hear about the personal goals which were solely about ourselves and had nothing to do with outside circumstances or achievements. My goals are to lead a disciplined life and be fit and healthy.

Karaj told me that my insight about discipline being on-going is as big as my realisation that I was trying to maintain a balance at the top of my mood scale rather than in the middle. I am very glad he said that because there is something exciting about the way I feel towards a disciplined life that mirrors the feelings I had when I quietened down and assumed a natural, more permanent balance to my life. He added that my insight has come at the start of the year which bodes well for the next 12 months and beyond.

[Karaj: You need a militaristic discipline if you work with me.]

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