The Curse of Indecision

07.50 E&M 60 mins. It feels good to be back in a disciplined routine. My back ached from all the sitting yesterday evening but I felt better after the exercises. I spent a busy morning shopping, washing my clothes and considering whether or not to go to Sunil’s flat. In the end I stayed at home and rested, but the decision-making process showed my problems in all their glory. I changed my mind a dozen times.

As soon as I had decided to go, staying at home seemed the more attractive option. So, I changed my mind and decided to stay, which made seeing the other men more appealing. This continued all morning until I returned home from the launderette and lay down for a few minutes. I fell asleep briefly and only then did I finally decide to stay where I was for the day.

17.00 E&M 60 mins.

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