Hold The Dream in Your Heart

06.45 E&M 65 mins. Most of the the morning was taken up with the latest challenge to Kuldip. Karaj was intense. Kuldip is somehow incapable of following instructions. Later, during the evening, Kuldip was challenged again. He has been with Karaj for six years and has not progressed. I had the thought that all the work I did before I came here, trying to improve myself, has not been wasted.

All the years of endeavour were the ideal foundations for me to hit the ground running when I arrived. I proved to myself before I started here that I have the desire and the will to make the very best of my existence and, in Karaj, I have found the teacher who can put that desire to appropriate use. As I write, I am struck by the powerful nature of this combination of Karaj’s know-how and my dedication. The results of the last two years are proof of that power.

Karaj told me the story of the man who, having heard a little girl singing outside his house, asked to see the author of her song, who was Guru Nanak. He was told by the little girl that to seek means he will not find. He should have the intention in his heart and then he will receive. He did as the little girl said but nothing happened for many years. He never gave up and continued to hold his dream in his heart and eventually Guru Nanak appeared at his house saying, ‘I have come’.

I have heard this story before and today it had particular relevance to my goal of working in Germany. Whilst I feel assured that it will happen, I am a little preoccupied with how. Stop this. Keep the vision in my heart and know that I will receive.

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