Simplicity In Life

04.30 E&M 40 mins. I had no problems with the journey. My first beaming smile at the prospect of my week in Germany came halfway through the flight; and as I walked along Höhenstrasse towards Francis’s flat with the sun on my back, taking it all in, I observed a splendid feeling of well-being and homecoming which gets stronger and stronger each time I return.

I made a note of my high because this is also a prediction of an equivalent low; perhaps on the eve of my departure, perhaps for a few days back in England. Be aware of this. I stood on the pavement outside Francis’s flat with the sun shining in my face, the art gallery on the corner open for business, and I appreciated where I was.

Francis and I embraced and then chatted as we always do. It’s always great to see each other. Francis is very much like Karaj in that he looks for simplicity in life and when he finds it he sticks to it. When he comes across anything which works for him he stays with it until either it stops working or something better comes along.

[Karaj: A good lesson in life. Reduce excitement to a minimum; more focus on life.]

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