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The Courage of My Own Convictions

08.00 E&M 40 mins. I considered this issue of seriousness and saw just how comfortable I am with it. Why can I not have the courage of my own convictions? It took encouragement from Karaj and confirmation from the men’s group on Thursday for me to see who I am, yet when I considered the prospect of allowing the more frivolous side back into my life I knew it was wrong.

Be strong and assertive with myself. All it takes is for me to make a decision about who I am, have it confirmed by the feeling of congruency within, which I know exists, and then live it.

I spent the day on my own which was a delight I truly appreciated because it doesn’t happen that often these days and I will be moving out of Aubrey’s house at the end of next month so it is nice to make the most of the space I have to myself.

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