Ask Him How Far He Has Come

06.55 E&M 55 mins. In the afternoon I accompanied Calvin to his meeting with social services about his son. I benefited greatly from the meeting. I learned a lot about the issues facing parents and the responsibilities of social services. I also saw how Calvin acts in such situations. He did speak but he did not distribute the copies of his written document until prompted by the chair. Additionally, I learned that he does not take the initiative and is not proactive in finding out how is son is doing at school or where he stands with social services.

I emerged from the meeting with a better understanding of Calvin’s situation, of the support he needs and of what he needs to do to sort himself out. In the evening we spoke and I told him that all he needs to do is to talk more. He has everything else; he is sharp, listens well and is always present. He asked me for evidence and I became a little exasperated. This is something for the group. Karaj later told me to simply ask him how he was when he first met Karaj and how far he has come.

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