The Sadness Of Moving On

Today we had a fuller house than usual – Robert, Dev, Sunil, Priya, Harriet, George and Ishwar. The supervision session in the morning was all about what had happened for people yesterday and the sadness involved.

Robert, Dev and George were involved, along with Leon, in collecting Sunil’s belongings from storage. It was a sad time for Robert who knew that the same will be happening to him soon as a result of his own divorce. Dev also felt sad. Sunil had returned home from work to be reunited with his stuff only to decide that most of it was no longer relevant to his life.

Priya and Harriet had been in the women’s group yesterday, which is being closed next month. Everyone had been asked to answer a number of questions relating to their learnings from the group. It was an exercise which had also brought up people’s sadness as they realised that they have benefited from each other and would miss each other.

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