It’s How You React That Matters

07.20 E&M 40 mins. On the way to the house I noticed my annoyance. I verbalised it to Karaj and that was all I needed to do. Karaj talked very positively about what he had told me yesterday – that my job is to focus on Germany. Whatever Karaj does, it is up to me to see it from the German point of view and to liaise with my contacts in Germany on the possibilities of working abroad.

We talked further and I explained how, for the first time in my life, I feel assured about my future. I am all right and I will always be all right. Furthermore, I have been right all along. I have all the tools and all the qualities to find what I have been looking for all my life. I also have my troubles, yet I am comfortable. All these truths exist in my life at once, which is indicative of the multi-faceted nature of our existence and the Universe we inhabit.

Most people just want the comfortable part and are unable to accept the fact that life brings with it trials and tribulations which have to be faced. It’s how you react to what happens to you that makes you who you are, and there will always be difficulties. One of the elements of my script is that I do not react very well to stressful situations. This needs to be worked on.

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