Are You Ready To Move Forward?

08.30 E&M 30 mins. Spent the morning with Karaj. We talked about criteria: these are the rules which allow me to assess whether I am achieving my goals and if not why not?

  • Vision – statement
  • Goals – statement
  • Criteria – questions (what, when, where, how much…)
  • Assessment – answer

We also talked more about resentment. I explained that, ultimately, my resentment is about being born (into this world). I have spent my time and energy moaning at the world for not being in a position to help me – arrogance. Only now am I beginning to assume responsibility for my own life and taking it upon myself to really sort myself out. Karaj told me that he has never felt resentment and the conclusion of our talk was that in ten years time I will be leading a peaceful life, and what’s more, I know how to get there.

Left the house at 17.30 before any of the others arrived. Karaj dropped me off and on the way I summarised my week. It has been a useful week and I have learnt a great deal about myself (resentment and negativity), and about the world – living in the moment is a joy and with criteria I am more focused and more solid. I have also seen that I can be positive rather than negative. Karaj then said to me, ‘So, are you ready to move forward?’ I replied that a part of me already has.

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