I Have The Choice

I woke up feeling tired, angry and negative. In the supervision session with Karaj and Robert, I was unable to get control of my emotions. The theme for the day was set: choice. I have the choice to live my life however I want. Karaj said that I am making a choice every second anyway. The choices I make at present are based on perpetuating my script – immaturity, negativity, emotion, disability.

There is no energy required to choose, so make a different choice. Cut out my juvenile attitude and make the choice, every second, to grow up and deal with life as I know how. I know all the answers already. Furthermore, I cannot deal with my script myself. I can only do it by observing other people’s scripts, by serving them, contributing to them and touching their humanity.

Talked to Dev about how there is no time to freewheel and relax. The procedures I have in my possession are there to be used all the time.

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