Stop The Process Until You Are Heard

Yesterday I chatted to Karaj about how I had overruled Robert on the drilling of the RSJ on Saturday. Unfortunately I had not verbalised it and I need to do so. It will help me, and it will help Ishwar because he is similarly not heard.

Also, Robert will be contributed to because he never listened to his sons. In addition, it is good to keep reminding him that my idea worked – make the process public and have no secrets. Karaj said to me today that having come out of my latest dip, I need to remember the experience for next time I go down. I will come out of it. That’s how life is, so relax.

Today, in the meeting with Ishwar and George, I challenged Ishwar about allowing himself to be overruled; like me, he has an issue with not being heard. My initial challenge was rushed and aggressive. I was in a hurry to get it over with because I feel uncomfortable challenging people. Relax, it’s done in love, so there is no problem.

Karaj – ‘If you are not being heard, stop the whole process until you are heard.

I feel good about things at the moment. I feel empowered to challenge people and provide the appropriate support. And it’s all because I have the others with me.

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