Completion & Prediction

One lesson from this week has been how I have finished jobs. I have always had a tendency to move on to other things when I begin to reach the end of a job. On Tuesday, with the appraisal work, I was tempted to move onto something else having done 85% of it. I told myself to continue and finish the job. That’s what I did, and not only did I feel the satisfaction of completion, I was also not left with the usual loose end, which eventually weighs me down; especially when it is joined by all the other loose ends from other work which I leave incomplete.

Prediction – I will go low in 10 days time. What procedures can I put in place to help me?

  • Look at the evidence of my progress
  • Relax
  • Know that I will come through it
  • Contact people
  • Keep busy
  • Stay focused
  • Feel my body

Spoke to Dev about my vision for my job and he helped me along with the question ‘What does your office look like (in the vision)?

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