Drafting The Contract

Karaj told me this morning that I need to be able to deal with people who suck my energy. I need to challenge them and/or avoid them. I felt irritated by Simran. He is still acting like a scolded child – withdrawn and silent. Later, in the supervision, I missed him not following us out. He is not engaging with the group and I have to be more observant of everything around me.

In the afternoon Karaj dictated the consultancy contract for the core group. As is his way, it all came out fluidly and comprehensively. It took about half an hour to complete. Robert picked up on the piece about ‘feeling as though evidence is being gathered against you’. The original thought had come from Ishwar in the session yesterday as he described the feelings he sometimes has about Karaj. It highlighted what I have noticed about the way Karaj works: he picks up on things in an instant and uses them immediately.

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