Whatever I Want, I Can Have

A day in which I set myself up to be negative about myself was turned around by a phone call from Dev. We laughed together and, by talking to him about my process, I was able to see for myself that my problem with writing the latest appraisals was down to my negativity about myself; something which I can turn around by accentuating the positives. We also talked about visions and, again, our conversation highlighted how I automatically introduce ‘reality’ into my thoughts.

As a child I was asked by my Gran what I want to do when I grow up. When I told her I wanted to be a footballer her instant response was ‘What if you get injured?’ From that my moment on my dreams have always been ‘tinged’ with reality. I demonstrated this when I told Dev that I would like to share my life with a woman but that what I have learnt about myself has shown me that this is unlikely. The result of Dev’s support is: WHATEVER I WANT, I CAN HAVE.

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