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A Chance To Redress The Balance

Four games today and England v Sweden took its place. No build up, no surprises, move on.

I suggested we go for a walk this evening. It’s amazing the resistance I put up to suggesting something to do (something that I wanted to do). At worst it is paralysing, at best it causes anxiety throughout. This time I was determined to see what happened as a result of my suggestion. The anxiety is caused by my concern that others will not or are not enjoying themselves.

We walked through the park and back via the Berger Straße. Here we met the man from the kebab shop incident. He is living on the streets and asked us for money. Francis gave him 2 Euros, and he was delighted. He did not recognise us from the other night and this opportunity gave us a chance to redress the balance after laughing at his attempts to buy cheap food for his friends. And all because I verbalised my suggestion.

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