Fuck Up & Smile

If I want to succeed in my journey of self-improvement then I can help myself greatly by keeping my habits and environment the same. This reduces the variables and allows me to get to my core.

I benefitted from Robert’s words about crashing through his own niceness on Sunday. Instead of being the usual nice, polite Robert, he had really challenged George. This had benefitted both of them, although George carried it around for days afterwards. As Karaj pointed out, it is because we have respect for each other that we challenge. Otherwise we would just be polite to each other and not bother. Maturity is reacting positively to a challenge and saying, ‘Right, what can I do to sort it out?‘.

I was not missed while I was away (in Germany) and it is down to me to sort that out. As Karaj highlighted: ‘Look to your next fuck-up and smile. Make fuck-ups (actively) because otherwise your script will do it for you.’  If I take the initiative then my script will remain quiet. The evening’s supervision ended at 23:30, shortly after Karaj had predicted that we have another 600 days of pain ahead of us before we get peaceful.

[For me, it would last another 552 days.]

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