You Have To Keep Doing It

I had to tell myself a few times to calm down, relax and take one thing at a time instead of getting distracted by my preoccupations with what I have to do. Karaj phoned. Whatever I verbalised about what I have taken from the last few days, he said, ‘I’ve heard it all before. You have to keep doing it when your are low, in winter as well as summer‘. He’s right of course.

This afternoon I became frustrated with the accounts. I remembered Karaj’s instructions (about taking a break) and spent 15 minutes cleaning the stones in the sunken garden and sweeping the floor. When I returned to my work, the problem was sorted within two minutes.

Calvin arrived for our meeting and had clearly done some preparation. I left him to write his letter to the social worker. Ishwar turned up and provided valuable support and another perspective as we sat together to discuss corrections to the letter. It was a good night with Calvin and Ishwar. We have succeeded in writing the letter.

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