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We Have Moved Today

Worked well with Karaj. I am seeing how I become emotional. As a result, I have stayed calm all day. This has been easy; it is when I am under pressure that I will revert to script. Nevertheless, having seen who I am at the weekend, I am relaxed about it and telling myself that all I have to do is to continue with the discipline of the 18-hour day. I am getting more out of life this way. Enriching.

Tonight’s session has been about getting to the details of Simran’s work so that we can measure progress and make assessment transparent and easy by all who need to assess it. I see that this is where I am at the moment. Last weekend I got to the root of who I am and now I can move forward. Karaj said that he feels we have moved today. I picked up very well on Ishwar’s contradiction. I am doing very well; don’t get cocky and predict that I will go low at the weekend. There’s no end to the hard work. Bed at 01.30

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