Why Don’t People Listen?

Another humid and tired day. I felt some emotions about not having achieved any of my own work over the last couple of days, but I did not react to them. I knew what was going on and that the evening would bring an opportunity to achieve something. In short, I relaxed. And besides, the work with Karaj has been necessary and we have made good progress.

I also felt low about not maintaining contact with my friends and inadequate in my comparisons with them. Again, I relaxed. I will do it, and I’m not inadequate.

I talked to Karaj after his session with Michelle and Simran. He asked, once again, why people don’t listen. I asked him whether he had listened when he was learning about himself and his path. He said ‘No‘. I asked him whether his mentors had asked the same exasperated question. He said ‘Yes‘. I added that after 2½ years I am only now beginning to wake up to who I am, what I need to do, what’s going on around me, and what others contribute to me. He said, ‘Tell that to Ishwar‘.

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