Stick To Procedures

We finished the computer install today. Karaj highlighted my lack of a systematic approach to my life and my work. I talked to Ishwar about how I rush around all the time, in a hurry, cutting corners, getting nowhere. It was good for me to talk about it. Ishwar does it too. While we were talking Simran isolated himself. By not keeping an eye on him we had let him down, not supported him.

Karaj showed us how, as a group, we can help and challenge each other, but only if we are involved in the group. We help no-one when we are isolated. He also told me to be much more sharp and forceful with people – that is support. Karaj: ‘Don’t be nice, be effective‘.

Also, when summarising, give my conclusions first and always say how I supported others. I did not welcome Simran when he arrived. I thought I was doing the right thing by staying in the group. The point is, I’ll be wrong whatever I do. What’s important is that I stick to procedures. In this case it is my procedure to welcome people.

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