Don’t Accept It & It Will Not Stay

I talked to Karaj about how things have moved forward since I arrived 2½ years ago. People are now writing appraisals, attending every weekend and working hard to sort themselves out. He talked about the different layers of spiritual growth. The first is about benefits, good, bad. With the second, clients are gods. The third: the first two no longer apply. Karaj is at level 4 & 5 which cannot be communicated.

In the evening I opened Simran’s copy of Osho’s comments on Sikh prayer and read about getting rid of arrogance and the ego and that the only truth is that which is permanent. My true self is that which never changes. This is the core self. After the day’s work Karaj and I chatted about my work here. We are holding the space for others to grow and along with that comes appropriate responsibility. I am doing well and Karaj is comfortable with me. Karaj added that I get shouted at the most here, otherwise ‘they will think it’s easy.’ Don’t take things personally.

We talked about his smoking (he wants to quit). I told him he has the physical addiction to deal with as well as the habit. He told me the same is true of my back problem. To get well I need to change my attitude (to my illness). Overcome the physical problems and rid myself of the habit of illness. Don’t accept or get used to it and it will not stay. I can cure myself.

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