Just Follow Procedures

Exercised well again today, but the relaxed nature of the afternoon showed me my guilt. Somewhere I have the belief that work, achievement and results require effort and that I should feel guilty for taking things easy. And I do feel guilty. On the other hand I want a simple life and the sort of situation I had when I learnt German: to be immersed in something so I learn without realising it. In my work here I have both of these: the hard work which Karaj is always talking about and the relax command. Take it easy, just follow procedures and changes will occur.

Spent three hours this evening with Simran and Calvin. I had some anxiety about taking control of the meeting, but in the end the session went well. I facilitated in a serious way which was effective but not arrogant. I noticed how much more effective I am when I don’t smile (please others driver).

We began with Simran’s work on placing his clients as family members. I gave him time and space to talk and offered feedback on his process. He is going too much into detail (be perfect driver) in trying to place them. He needs to speed the process up, make a decision on each and then look for the evidence. The target for next Wednesday is 36 clients. The total so far is six.

Calvin had come with some thoughts already written down and was as sharp as ever. As with the last letter, we all contributed to the process, though it still took too long. Unfortunately Simran accidentally took the disk with him when he went home. I challenged him on this. He needs to stay awake.

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