Have Systems In Place

Karaj was on at me this morning to sort out my procedures and have systems in place to cope with the workload. Starting to see that I have things the wrong way round. I have been looking to get on top of my work and perhaps then establish systems whereas I need to have the systems now, otherwise I really am just firefighting and the backlog will never be cleared. He repeated that am fucking around, not facing up to my responsibilities; not using the to-do list and living in a fantasy world where things have to be perfect rather than just getting the job done.

Ishwar phoned and I challenged him about his lack of a to-do list. I could not be aggressive in my challenge as Karaj is, but together we established a procedure for Ishwar to deliver his list each Saturday rather than mess around on Mondays. For a change I was able to say where I am: fed up and hanging on. Ishwar ‘reassured’ me that there’s only another 2½ months to go and then things get worse!

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