Getting In First

Yesterday evening I had a brief call with Calvin’s wife. She sounded busy, tired and weighed down. The complaint procedure is slow. Her son is settling into school okay but she is still not happy about the school. Today Calvin informed me that she has requested I attend the complaints meeting with her and Calvin.

In the Wednesday Supervision Group, I got in there first with my agenda. The opportunity arose naturally and, although I felt a little anxiety about being clear and positive, things went well. Moreover, I felt the support from people when I stated my agenda. They wanted me to get in there. George’s excitement issue reminded me of my extremes: stay away from them and follow procedures when they occur. The PAC diagrams used for Simran’s issue was useful. We were able to see and work through his interactions with people clearly. A good learning tool.

Summary: worked all day and no stomach pains. Karaj was in a good mood for the day so I was okay. [I need to have procedures in place, rather than rely on his mood.] In the morning, however, I felt pangs of emotion – wanting to do something else (with my life). I relaxed and got on with my work and was okay. The WSG was useful and I saw that when I am prepared I am in control and can relax much more. Saw clearly from the discussion on finances that we need to cleanse our space in order to move forward. Very tired but satisfied.

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