Providing Support

Early this morning, Karaj said we need to get out of the negativity we are in. It is making us tired. I certainly felt that last night, so for the entire morning I worked from my to-do list until it was time to meet Calvin. Together we discussed today’s social services meeting about his son’s care. We also talked about the yearly appraisal. Calvin was anxious about the meeting but accepting of his anxiety rather than letting it control him. There were five of us in the meeting. The two staff members seemed to me to be a Please Others and a Rescuer.

Calvin’s wife had felt negative about the outcome of the investigation but still had a lot to say, and Calvin contributed well (for an anxious man). I was mainly quiet, clarified a couple of points and wrote notes. Afterwards Calvin accompanied me back to the house, with the intention of writing appraisals. Initially, I felt resentful at having my evening disturbed but saw the emotions at play and relaxed. I know from experience that Calvin’s presence brings a good focus on work.

At one point in the evening, Dev phoned. Karaj returned midway through Dev’s call and told me to keep it short. Dev was insistent on calling everyone and rallying the troops. I lost my concentration a few times with him and had to bring the conversation to an end in order to get back to my work on the minutes. Nevertheless, I appreciated his supportive promptings on the yearly appraisal.

Summary: worked steadily this morning with the help of the list, seeing more and more how it motivates me to do things whenever I have a spare minute. I took the social services meeting in my stride and recognised my emotions trying to take a hold. Calvin did the same with his emotions. I worked well at the end of the day, staying up beyond midnight to type up the minutes of the meeting and update my to-do list.

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