A Distinct Lack Of Teamwork

In last night’s session, Simran had talked about the need for teamwork: when one member is down the others can take on his work. This was the first item on the list of agenda items for the weekend and was ticked off by Ishwar after being instructed by Dev, even though it had Simran’s name next to it. This would form the main challenge for the whole of the weekend: that we ticked off an item about teamwork when, in fact, we don’t work as a team. Priya and Karaj arrived at 22.15 and for the rest of the session Simran and Dev were challenged that they allowed/encouraged the item to be ticked when we are not a team.

Today, the theme continued. Karaj had given Simran, Dev and I the task to prepare 30-second talk on who I am and what my beliefs are, to be delivered to a mirror in the Women’s Group. We spent almost three hours in the group over two sessions. In the first one I saw how Dev blocked Karaj and Karaj’s advice. He does it without thinking. In the second session, there was an immediate demonstration of a lack of teamwork: Simran was not prepared with his folder. This is it. We are not doing the simple things; not covering each other’s backs.

It was no wonder that, when the time came for us to do our talks, they were a complete embarrassment. I had struggled all day to find my beliefs; or at least some positive ones. When I eventually talked about my belief in the pure and joyous part of me, everyone laughed. The conclusion was that I have no presence.

In between those sessions we had we practiced our talks together and also worked on Simran’s document to his insurers. I took the intiative with the document but, just like Ishwar yesterday, Simran was passive. So, with Ishwar and Simran being passive and Dev blocking instinctively, it’s no wonder there is no team. Karaj’s point from last night is becoming clearer.

Summary: I hurried while cleaning this morning, did not take my own advice to slow down and broke three cups. Still managed to relax, prepared the food and work with Dev. We were a little too relaxed in our work and Karaj had to challenge us. The pace of the work was not good enough. We got stuck in the detail. We were concentrating on one of 34 agenda items, when what we needed was the boost of a few ticked items. Worked more effectively when Karaj pointed this out. We still lack teamwork. In the group, Karaj showed me how to report back: factually and without emotions. I can do that. No presence in the delivery of my talk (to myself!).

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