Nothing Is ‘Over My Head’

Yesterday, I brainstormed the product we offer, with Simran and Priya; and Karaj gave the questions for my work appraisal. Coasted a little today, not fully in control. Saw this at least and eased myself back into delegation and challenging. Saw in my feedback to George in the Wednesday Supervision Group how I try to please – AC behaviour. Just be straight. Remember the relationship with Karaj: he is my elder. Show respect.

Today I woke up feeling very tired. My body aches. Updated diary sheets, checked Priya’s letters and saw how she changes procedures. Yoga. Meeting with Calvin at his ex-wife’s house to discuss investigator’s notes. I was more involved than in the original meeting and challenged Calvin firmly afterwards to contribute to people and involve me or not bother.

Sat in on Karaj’s session with Serena, Priya and Michelle (Shona was also there). Demeaned myself and discounted my knowledge with my ‘it’s over my head’ feedback to Michelle. Nothing that happens here is over my head and I am capable of making a contribution to people and a connection with them whatever the issue. Worked through the night until 5am (including yoga at 04:00) to update my to-do list, so I can enjoy my weekend more.

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