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It’s About Self-Respect

After a day working on the client statements and the logbook backlog, I joined the others (Karaj, Dev and Simran) on a late-night trip to the supermarket to get the food for the weekend. It was approaching midnight as we stood ready to pay, and I was severely messed about by the 16-year-old cashier. I accepted his apology and walked away, fully aware of the resentment that was building up inside me. Luckily Karaj arrived in time to challenge us (Dev & Simran too). I took the challenge and made a complaint.

It is about self-respect and knowing that there is always something I can do. There is no need to get resentful and explode, just take action. The cashier was fired and, back at the house, we went over the incident. Dev and Simran had done nothing and did not have my back when I complained and the cashier’s friends were in the proximity.

Summary: steady start to the day. Built up momentum which meant we were able to bulldoze through Simran’s negativity. Good use of the to-do list in the evening kept me busy and effective. Finished well with Karaj’s prompt to respect myself after seeing what I normally do in getting resentful.

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