Taking Charge More

In the evening I went to Simran’s, where the three of us worked on Ishwar’s work appraisal. I (and Simran to an extent) had to provide the motivation. I had suggested that Ishwar come over tonight and I had to keep prompting him. There is rarely any motivation from him except when he is challenged, and even then it is not genuine or sustained. Still, we worked well and moved onto the brainstorm of his media case article.

Again it was slow moving and the effort petered out towards the end. I challenged him to do something with it instead of sitting on it like he does everything else, but I doubt very much whether he heard me. [I am letting Ishwar off the hook by saying that. Instead, I should have pursued him and made sure he heard me.]

After a phone call with Dev, I had to challenge Simran and Ishwar to challenge Dev because he was feeling low. I told them to phone him back. After the weekend, they have forgotten the need to challenge and lapsed back into their comfortable inadequacy.

We finished our work close to midnight and, after Ishwar had left, Simran and I relaxed in the flat. It is a lovely place. The men have worked very hard to make it into a home, and I had the idea for Simran to write a short story of the flat; he wants to be a storyteller after all. Again, when I am focused and contributing, I am effective. I’m beginning to take charge more.

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