How Potent The Attachment

At 06:00 I got up to make breakfast for Simran before he went to work. Afterwards I went back to bed and noticed the attachment I had to the breakfast: ‘He’d better hurry up, otherwise the tea will be cold‘ or ‘What a good deed I’ve done‘. How potent the attachment was for such a small act.

George called and caused confusion in giving me the latest details on the Christmas arrangements. Too many things I do not need to know and done in a way which suggested he was trying to please his wife. I verbalised my confusion and he saw a little of what he was doing: rushing things. Behind it all was his excitement and his need to please his wife (mother). And I have to suffer for this? Am I important to me? Yes.

Spoke to Karaj about his work in India. It was just like it is here: all sorts of work and all based around therapeutic interventions and people seeing their patterns.

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